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We passionately serve our clients to fulfill their property goals in both Rhode Isand and Florida. With expert knowledge and trusted relationships in both communities, we strive to deliver a stress free experience. Our joy comes from our clients happiness!

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Keys to Ease

Our Story

Kate was born and raised in BARRINGTON, RI and fortunate enough to spend her summers in NEWPORT, RI. Ed is a native BRISTOLIAN, and raised both of his children in BARRINGTON, RI. Although we are residents of Florida, we do spend a good amount of time at our home in Middletown and are always available for our clients. We both have thriving twin boys, and enjoy spending time with them, gathering with our dear friends and traveling the world to explore new cultures and build new relationships.

Ed has countless years of experience in property management and has always enjoyed buying and selling homes for personal use. Kate is a devoted Real Estate professional and passionate interior designer, specializing in luxury home sales and marketing. We own several wonderful investment properties that we frequently rent as Airbnb’s and love the cherished friendships we’ve fostered there.

Kate's son Blake and his fiance Samantha moved from Austin, TX to Bristol, RI in 2022 to join the family realty business. Their backgrounds are in tech sales and operations and we are so excited to have them! They are a wonderful asset to our Keys to Ease Concierge business and provide on demand service.

Needless to say, we absolutely love Real Estate. It has never been just a job for us, but a passion. As Real Estate professionals, we have the opportunity to provide buyers with homes that fit their unique lifestyle, and sellers with our unique Concierge services and support they need to maximize their ROI each and every time. It’s so important for us to get to know our clients on a deeper level, allowing us to better understand how you're living, how you want to live, and what your unique needs are. To us, this is not work! It's EVERYTHING.

Keys to Ease

Meet our Team

Kate & Ed
Blake & Samantha

When a client is preparing to sell their home, we do extensive research. We provide data based recommendations and construct a comprehensive marketing plan to sell right and sell fast. We don't believe in letting homes sit on the market! Years of industry experience reveals this is the number one most common failure among sellers who attempt to sell privately and not through an agent. The longer a home sits, the more its value depreciates. That's just one reason we are SERIOUS ABOUT SOLD.

We get involved in every detail, from fully preparing a home to be SHOW READY to implementing a fully optimized and CUSTOM MARKETING PLAN for maximum exposure and maximum ROI. We are a team that radiates enthusiasm. In fact, we approach each listing as if it’s our own property.

In both buying and selling, we heavily utilize our negotiation skills. We are dedicated to the process, project managing from start to close with secure and constant communication while we create a seamless and stress free environment for you. We take on a complete and hands-on role, building life long experiences along the way!